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Essential Information
These topics provide information of most use to those aspiring to enlist or currently serving service member desiring to entry classify into an Air Force Battlefield Airman Specialty or the two Air Force Combat Support Specialties of SERE and EOD. As purpose is to provide quick and easy access to up-to-date current information to those visiting it is an Administrator �only� posting area. Users post any questions in the General Discussion or other discussion forums.
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Rules of Engagement (ROEs)
Please read and heed! These are the guidelines and rules regarding the forums. EVERYONE should read these to avoid being chastised in public for his/her lack of situational awareness (SA).
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Rules of Engagement update...
(TE) - 11/16/14 01:56 PM
Physical Ability and Stamina Test (PAST) Information
This is the effective as of 9 September 2014 most current PAST standards and guidance used to qualify applicants for entry classification (job placement) into the PJ, CCT, SOWT, TACP, SERE, and EOD career fields.
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PAST worksheet and narrati...
(Yukon) - 05/26/15 01:20 PM
Class dates for PJ/CCT/CRO/STO/SOWT
Current and future class dates will be posted here.
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(TE) - 11/16/14 01:41 PM
CRO, STO, & 13L ALO Application Information
There is no direct entry classification into these three commissioned officer AFSCs. Candidate applications must be submitted by commissioned officers to gain eligibility to entry classify into these specialties.
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CROs, STOs, & 13L ALOs...
(Yukon) - 11/18/14 07:18 PM
Point of Contact (POC) Information
Person or work center (office) contact information for various Guardian Angel and Special tactics units, AFSC Functional Managers at MAJCOM level. Must be a registered user to read POC contact info.
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Contact List
(Yukon) - 11/22/14 11:39 AM
Air National Guard & Air Force Reserves Info
Recruiting Guides, if available, reside here for those looking to become a member of a reserve component (AFRES/ANG) Special Tactics Squadron (STS) or a Guardian Angel Rescue Squadron (RQS).
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Re: *NEW* 306th RQS Tryout...
(306th_RQS) - 08/28/17 11:38 AM
General Discussion
Forums for general discussion
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New User Introduction (1 viewing)
New forum users are encouraged to introduce themselves by providing some background about themselves. Contribute as much or little background as you desire.
334 481
Re: NG Introduction
(professional_47) - Today at 07:28 AM
General Discussion (1 viewing)
Post general non-buffoonery questions here. Focus is questions about subjects not having an established forum that are directly relevant and pertinent to the Air Force PJ, CRO, CCT, STO, SOW, TACP and SERE Specialties.
Moderator: IndocCommandant
118 492
Re: Personality of ST Team...
(Yukon) - Today at 09:23 AM
General Off Topic Discussion
This is the (nearly) anything goes forum. This is the area where conversation not entirely relevant or pertinent to Air Force Special Tactics, Air Force Battlefield Airman Specialties.
Moderator: IndocCommandant
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Re: Air Force going to Ran...
(Victor_Echo) - 08/21/17 03:52 PM
Crosstrainee and Prior Service Questions (1 viewing)
Forum for currently serving Air Force service members and currently prior service (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard) civilians who desire entry classification (job placement) into Pararescue, Combat Control, or Special Operations Weather by cross training or prior service enlistment.
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Re: Retraining while on a ...
(Yukon) - 10/16/17 12:56 PM
Air Force JrROTC & CAP Cadet Programs
Discussion area for the Civil Air Patrol cadet programs and JrROTC cadet activities that are relevant to Paararescue. Most common special activities are CAP's 7 training day Pararescue and Survival Orientation Course (PJOC) and 10 training day Advanced Pararescue Orientation Course (APOJ) for cadets.
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Airman passes on knowledge...
(Yukon) - 07/05/15 10:20 AM
USAF Special Tactics
Career field discussion forums to ask questions and get answers.
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Pararescue & Combat Rescue Officer
Moderator: IndocCommandant
69 393
Re: BA Prep
(Yukon) - 09/18/17 08:56 PM
Combat Control & Special Tactics Officer (2 viewing)
USAF CCT and STO Forum
49 424
Re: Leadership qualities
(Yukon) - 08/08/17 09:55 PM
Special Operations Weather (1 viewing)
USAF Special Operations Weather Forum
5 18
Re: No Assessment?
(Yukon) - 08/22/17 09:32 AM
Tactical Air Control Party & Air Liason Officer
USAF TACP and 13L ALO Forum
10 28
Re: TACP Prep Course
(Yukon) - 08/07/17 11:00 AM
USAF SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) Specialty Forums.
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SERE PAST preparation work...
(foxbat) - 09/26/17 09:55 AM
Operators in the News
Recent news and articles about PJ, CCT, SOW, CRO, STO, TACP and 13L ALO from various sources.
24 30
Recent SAR jump mission
(Yukon) - 04/28/17 08:59 PM
Courses of Initial Entry
Course of Initial Entry (COIE)�The first course in an initial skills training pipeline. For the Battlefield Airmen specialties the COIE is typically the prerequisite course required to be successfully completed to pass forward into the AFSC awarding course. The COIE may or may not have may not have an implemented Student-Initiated Elimination (SIE) option. Generally, Volunteer status is a prerequisite to continue in certain career fields. Students who withdraw their volunteer status cannot continue in the career field or the associated pipeline courses. For AFSCs that have an SIE option, training personnel will verbally brief students during in-processing that if they exercise the SIE option, they will be subject to potential discharge. Students who graduate BMT and enter training for AFSCs having an SIE option may not withdraw their volunteer status before they have officially entered the course of initial entry (COIE). Students who withdraw their volunteer status cannot continue in the career field or the associated pipeline courses.
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CRO & PJ Development Course
This COIE has goal and objectives of immersing students in physical fitness training to bring them to the level of fitness performance needed to engage in accomplishing the training encountered during the CRO & PJ Indoctrination Course.
Moderator: IndocCommandant
8 33
Re: CRO & PJ Developme...
(nitrohuck) - 05/02/17 07:44 PM
CRO & PJ Indoctrination Course (1 viewing)
Students are trained physically and mentally for the rigors of the training pipeline and subsequently to prepare them to perform pararescue duties in the operational environment.
Moderator: IndocCommandant
12 45
Re: Indoc test Requirments
(fortworthguy) - 06/25/16 10:48 PM
Combat Control Selection Course (CCSC)
This COIE screens to prepare Combat Control trainees physically and mentally for the rigors of the training pipeline. Gauges student progression and determine advancement potential.
7 16
Re: CCT selection course d...
(NWakin) - 06/21/17 02:58 PM
Special Operations Weather Selection Course
This COIE emphasizes physical training to assure that course graduates have the temperament and potential to meet the intense physical challenges inherent in the Special Operations Weather specialty.
1 1
Special Operations Weather...
(Yukon) - 05/04/15 10:32 AM
Tactical Air Control Party Preparatory Course
This COIE emphasizes physical training to assure that course graduates have the temperament and potential to meet the intense physical challenges inherent in the TACP specialty.
3 3
Air Liaison Officer (ALO) ...
(Yukon) - 05/06/15 11:31 AM
SERE Specialist Selection (SSS)
This COIE emphasizes physical training to assure that course graduates have the temperament and potential to meet the intense physical challenges inherent in the SERE specialty.
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"What does it take to...
(Yukon) - 09/13/15 10:37 AM
CRO, STO and 13L ALO Selection Process
All candidates for the CRO, STO, and 13L ALO specialties will apply to be entry classified into the specific AFSC through Phase I and Phase II screening and selection process. Being selected enters the officer into the AFSC's Course of Initial Entry.
2 3
Re: Advice for hopeful CRO...
(Yukon) - 06/24/15 08:37 AM
Pipeline Schools
Pipeline courses to include Airborne, Freefall, Survival School, Dive School, Combat Control School, Apprentice Courses, ATC School, SOW Course etc.
20 31
Airmen Attend Dive School
(Yukon) - 08/25/17 11:07 AM
Physical Fitness Preparation
The Air Force Battlefield Airman Specialties represent the most physically and mentally demanding duty in the U.S. Air Force. Each of these specialties have imposed physical fitness standards directly connected to obtaining and sustaining target performance levels throughout a career of performing physically demanding and challenging duties. The forums in the Physical Fitness, Nutrition and Supplements category exist to facilitate getting physically fit and minimize adverse health effects from in-ignorance or out-of-ignorance nutrition and supplement use.
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Occupation-Specific Human Performance Standards
Individual Service members must possess the cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength and muscular endurance, together with desirable levels of body composition to successfully perform in accordance with their Service-specific mission and military specialty. [DODD 1308.1, June 30, 2004]
7 14
The importance of adequate...
(Yukon) - 12/03/16 10:13 AM
Physical Training Tips and Techniques (1 viewing) 20 82
Re: Special Operations Rec...
(striza) - 07/27/17 10:07 AM
Swimming and Water Confidence
WARNING: ALWAYS have a life-guard and/or a buddy watching you at all times when conducting any kind of water confidence training or underwater breath holding activities.
20 98
Re: Fins and Mask
(VCURam) - 12/03/16 09:05 AM
Searching for Workout Partners
Post want ads for workout partners in your area here.
73 139
Re: Workout group in Elmen...
(Billy) - Today at 06:31 AM
Initial Physical Examinations & Medical Questions
These examinations are done by the Air Force for its service members before the service member participates in performing such duties as a student or applies to cross train into a Flying or Special Operation Duty AFSC. The standards criteria do vary depending on specific AFSCs duty requirements to perform MFF, combat diver, and other duties.
29 127
Re: Corrective Eye Surgery
(Yukon) - 08/31/17 01:09 PM
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