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Physical Training Tips and Techniques
Yesterday at 01:38 AM
Originally Posted by HankHey y'all, I'm hoping for some input on substituting additional cardio in lieu of pool sessions. I'm currently studying abroad in Morocco and don't have access to any local pools Luckily, swimming is my strong suit. I've attached the program I'm following...
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02/19/18 06:58 PM
Thanks for the update SW!...
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Off Topic Discussion
02/19/18 01:20 AM
I get it, sounds a lot like the grind of being a crew chief when not on the flight line. That day to day military stuff that's never advertised. Well that, and a lot less being covered in oil and hydro. Thank you...
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Crosstrainee & Prior Service Questions
02/18/18 03:24 PM
It's feasible in perspective of being attainable. The complication is probability and predictability. The obstacle relevant to complication is there is no system of policies in place to "directly" support or encourage such transfer....
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General Discussion
02/18/18 02:33 AM
Thank you, Yukon & SW that clarified most of the questions and concerns I had....
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General Discussion
02/17/18 03:24 PM
Pentagon issues warning for non-deployable personnel: 'Deploy or be removed' The non-deployable concern connects directly to unit's and individuals sustaining combat readiness. The new policies being implemented to address this concern have some relevance to this discussion as ...
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Pararescue & Combat Rescue Officer (PJ & CRO)
02/15/18 06:23 PM
> "Do you mean deployment?" Yes, sorry about the typo I was on my phone when I posted this. ...
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New User Introduction
02/14/18 04:35 AM
Whats up man? I know a few guys from 17-002 (not using names here obviously). Working on the same thing as you. I'm always looking for new insights and tips from guys with 1st hand experience though....
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