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CRO, STO and 13L ALO Selection Process
1 hour ago
IN CASE IT WAS MISSED, THE FOLLOWING WAS COPIED FROM THE SPECIALTACTICS.COM MAIN PAGE, HERE sat down with a recent graduate of the Special Tactics Officer (STO) Phase I and II selection course. We had 10 burning questions for him regarding his preparation and...
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Searching for Workout Partners
06/20/18 10:32 PM
I am 18 and just starting out with my training, although I have a background in swimming. Looking to eventually become a PJ. I'm looking to find a training partner who is around the same level or who wouldn't mind working with someone just starting out....
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Pararescue & Combat Rescue Officer (PJ & CRO)
06/20/18 02:28 PM
Thanks for the art Yukon. So what you're saying is that H-3s and the H-53s used the green feet as a symbol of their callsigns long before Fisk and Morrow started the tattoo tradition? On a similar note, everything I read about PJs and Rescue in Afghanistan show they use the Ped...
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New User Introduction
06/20/18 07:31 AM
Hello everyone. I'm Adam, new members. Very excited to participate in the Forum of the same people....
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Combat Control & Special Tactics Officer (CCT & STO)
06/19/18 09:00 PM
Looking for a contact for the 125th STS at Portland as well. Can anyone provide a POC ?...
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Crosstrainee & Prior Service Questions
06/19/18 01:58 PM
Hello everybody, Is there any information on or history of a rated officer (pilot, CSO, RPA... etc) crosstraining into the ST/PJ community? Perhaps applying for a slot at a Phase II selection or resigning the commission to enlist in an Air Guard unit? Any and all advice is great...
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CRO, STO and 13L ALO Selection Process
06/19/18 04:32 AM
My understanding is that BA prep course is not intended for officers. I know that is posted on the pipeline overview page (see below), but I can't find the specific regulation on it at the moment. WR...
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Physical Training & Team ST
06/19/18 01:54 AM
1. There are ruck workouts supplemented routinely in the training. However, it’s not excessive as this training is designed to cause a very specific adaptation that will actually make rucking (and most other tasks) easier by the time you get to selection. Any ruck with a frame ...
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Combat Control & Special Tactics Officer (CCT & STO)
06/18/18 10:47 PM
PM sent...
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Special Operations Weather (SOWT)
06/18/18 09:29 PM
Jay_Pew is right. The article, however, paints an inaccurate picture of CCT/SOWT attrition. Real attrition looks somethin like this: CCSC about 80% (4 out of 20 pass) ATC 20% (6 out of 8 pass) SERE/Jump N/A (:D) CCS (2 out of 12 pass) For the last few years CCS has been t...
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New User Introduction
06/18/18 02:54 AM
Greetings Raymond, I am also in Phoenix. Would you be interested in training together?...
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General Discussion
06/17/18 02:58 AM
Originally Posted by SWPeople do have a hard time choosing what's the way to go. Like Yukon stated- don't make it about going after a beret. If that is your desire, you won't make it far. You have to have a passion for going after these types of jobs. Whether it's bringing some ...
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Off Topic Discussion
06/16/18 05:39 PM
If you are focused on going into meteorology after the military, would it be easier going traditional weather position rather than SOWT? SOWT has a more demanding pipeline since you are adding many additional schools onto the traditional weather job, and a higher washout rate, s...
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Initial Physical Examinations & Medical Questions
06/16/18 07:48 AM
No problem. This is one of those situations where we can provide you with all of the DQ criteria, but its going to take a flight doc's assessment of the medical standards to truly have an answer. At least you'll have the firepower going into the examination to know what they wi...
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