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Physical Fitness, Nutrition and Supplements
The Air Force Battlefield Airman Specialties represent the most physically and mentally demanding duty in the U.S. Air Force. Each of these specialties have imposed physical fitness standards directly connected to obtaining and sustaining target performance levels throughout a career of performing physically demanding and challenging duties. The forums in the Physical Fitness, Nutrition and Supplements category exist to facilitate getting physically fit and minimize adverse health effects from in-ignorance or out-of-ignorance nutrition and supplement use.
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Occupation-Specific Human Performance Standards
Individual Service members must possess the cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength and muscular endurance, together with desirable levels of body composition to successfully perform in accordance with their Service-specific mission and military specialty. [DODD 1308.1, June 30, 2004] The Secretaries of the Military Departments shall Establish specific requirements and conduct the physical fitness training for its particular need and mission. [DODD 1308.1, June 30, 2004] The Military Services shall (1) Develop and maintain physical fitness programs through the testing of personnel, regardless of age, for fitness based upon Service-appropriate standards and (2) Conduct physical fitness training that applies scientific justification and procedures to assess the risk factors. [DODI 1308.3 November 5, 2002] Military Services shall extend their physical fitness programs to incorporate occupational-specific physical fitness requirements for those career fields where it is deemed necessary to ensure adequate skill, performance, and safety. This extension shall include identifying each specific physical capability needed by the occupational specialties. These additional physical fitness standards development will include a risk assessment for prevention of injuries and will reflect levels of physical abilities necessary to meet the duty demands of the occupation. Once the levels or desired physical capability are identified, physical fitness training and testing should be linked to these capabilities. Emerging training methodologies should be considered when designing the appropriate physical fitness training. [DODI 1308.3 November 5, 2002]
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The importance of adequate...
(Yukon) - 12/03/16 10:13 AM
Workout Programs
Here are many of the old workout programs from the previous site.
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Re: Operator and Trainee W...
(RIKR) - 07/31/15 11:46 AM
RIKR Physical Readiness Battery (RPRB)
The RIKR System is a complete set of concepts, skills and training components to enhance one’s life and performance. The key principle of The RIKR System is individual optimization. The goal is to ensure that your training provides consistent improvement without harming you and that your attitudes do not damage your body (psychosomatic effects) or the psyche of you or your team. The system is designed to strengthen your mind and body to create a fully developed and highly capable man or woman regardless of the task at hand (especially combat).
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Re: RIKR Intro
(RIKR) - 07/25/15 12:36 PM
SOF WODs Forum
This Forum is for discussing, questions, etc., relevant to SOFWODs LLC and the fitness/preparatory services they provide.
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Re: Not Enough Time
(sah2117) - 11/01/16 09:49 AM
Special Operations Preparation Workout of the Day (SOPWOD)
Harley's Special Operations Preparation workout of the day. Specifically designed for persons preparing for Air Force Special Operations type occupations (PJ, CCT, STO, CRO) as well for those interested in other service's SOF occupations.
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- New Forum
Physical Training Tips and Techniques (1 viewing)
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Re: Recruiter-Led Physical...
(RIKR) - 12/15/16 12:06 PM
Running (1 viewing)
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Re: Proper Rucking Form?
(jaws) - 01/12/17 09:29 PM
Swimming and Water Confidence
WARNING: ALWAYS have a life-guard and/or a buddy watching you at all times when conducting any kind of water confidence training or underwater breath holding activities.
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Re: Fins and Mask
(VCURam) - 12/03/16 09:05 AM
Calisthenics and Weightlifting
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Cluster Training For Push-...
(RIKR) - 12/15/16 08:46 AM
Other Workouts/Crosstraining
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Re: Advice on increasing p...
(RIKR) - 12/15/16 09:16 AM
Russian Kettlebell Training
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- New Forum
Nutrition and Supplements
Questions about nutrition, dietary supplements and workout supplements. Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may not prohibit a supplement, the Department of Defense (DOD) does prohibit service member use of many supplements. Also supplements not allowed at the CRO/PJ Indoctrination Course and the Combat Control Selection Course. With so many products out there, it is important to know what concoction of mystery chemical use is going to put a quick end to your military career.
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Re: There's Something Stra...
(Yukon) - 05/10/16 04:19 PM
Searching for Workout Partners
Post want ads for workout partners in your area here.
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Albuquerque, NM
(xPhantom) - 02/08/17 07:49 AM
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