TITLE: Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (SERE) Specialist Selection Course
AFSC: 1T0X1 DATE UPDATED: 10/29/2014
LOCATION: Lackland AFB SERE Selection
LENGTH: 15 training/19 calendar days
ORG/PGM: Air Education and Training Command / SERE Training

Course Description:

This is a screening course which qualifies Non-Prior Service (NPS) and Career Airman to attend the SERE Specialist AFSC awarding course. Refer to Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory (AFECD) for AFSC requirements. Training is conducted in classroom, lab, and field environments.

Candidates will undergo rigorous physical tests and mental challenges to determine their potential for success in the stressful environment which they will be required to operate in as a SERE Specialist. Evaluations are based upon the candidate’s ability to adapt during these stressful
practical exercises and their demonstration of attributes conducive to success as a SERE Specialist.

Trainees may be disqualified during training by failing physical fitness tests, for showing limited potential to perform SERE tactics, techniques and procedures or by exhibiting actions or behaviors identified as limiting potential for success in the AFSC awarding course or the SERE
Specialist career field.

Upon successful completion of course, selected candidates will travel to Fairchild AFB, WA to attend five prerequisite courses, and the 21-week AFSC awarding course.


Must be a US Citizen, be a high school graduate, hold or be able to obtain a SECRET security clearance, score a minimum of 55 on the General Category of the ASVAB test, pass the Air Force Reading Abilities Test at 11th Grade level or higher, possess the ability to read aloud and speak distinctly without speech impediment, Pass 70lb “X” factor, complete the minimum requirements for the SERE PAST consisting of: 200 meter swim in 10 minutes or less using approved swim stroke, 1.5 mile run in 11 minutes or less, 8 pull-ups in 2 minutes or less, 48 push-ups in 2 minutes or less, 48 sit-ups in 2 minutes or less, complete an IFC III Physical and Psychological Evaluation IAW AFI 48-123. Possesses normal night and color vision, and vision is no worse than 20/400, correctable to 20/20. All physicals must be reviewed, approved, and stamped by HQ AETC/SG; stating individual is medically qualified for “SERE/Static Line” prior to attendance.