TITLE: Combat Rescue Officer (CRO) Course
AFSC: 13D1A DATE UPDATED: 12/22/2014
SECURITY: Unclassified
LENGTH: 118 AETC Trng Days
ORG/PGM: Air Education and Training Command / Technical Training
CLASS FREQ: 4-5 classes per FY
ADSC DESC: 72 Months

Course Description:
Qualifies CRO students in Physical Fitness training; Guardian Angel Weapons System; CRO Duties and Responsibilities; CRO Leadership Areas of Emphasis; Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) Operations; Communications; Advanced SERE; Aircraft Alternate Insertion/Extraction (AIE) Operations; Maritime/Amphibious Operations; Tactical Operations; Technical Rescue and Recovery Operations; Emergency Medical Operations; Incident Site Management; Weapons handling/firing; and Day/Night Land/Water Static Line/Freefall Parachute Operations. Course includes academic and practical training, testing, and, performance evaluation in classroom, field, aircraft, and water environments.


- Must have completed Combat Rescue Officer Development Course, Combat Rescue Officer Indoctrination Course; Air Force Combat Dive Course - Open Circuit; Water Survival (Bailout); Airborne Parachutist; Military Freefall Parachutist or contracted Navy Military Freefall; Combat Survival Training, Emergency Parachuting, Underwater Egress Training; and S-V94-C Advanced SERE Skills Course.

- Must have current American Heart Association CPR certification

- Must be current/qualified in AFQC (CAT B) and maintain a hard copy of AF Form 522 (rifle and M-9) IAW AFI 36-2226...must not expire within 200 days of arrival to Kirtland AFB

- Must be current and qualified on AF PT Test IAW AFI 36-2905...must not expire within 200 days of arrival to Kirtland AFB. Member must show proof of currency from vMPF web site

- Must be current with a passing score on the Combat Rescue Officer Physical Fitness Evaluation IAW AFI 10-3502, Vol 1, Attachment 3

- Must possess a current Military ID card that is valid though the entire CRO Course

- Must possess a current Flight Physical (AF Form 1042) IAW 13DX AFSC criteria and does not expire within 200 days of arrival to Kirtland AFB.

- Must ensure/confirm with home base FSO that all medical records are loaded and updated in ALHTA.

- Must possess a current Government Travel Card that does not expire within 200 days of arrival of Kirtland AFB

- Must show proof of member on active Aeronautical Orders (for flying and parachuting) through their home units HARMs office
- Must hand-carry Flying/Jump records for Kirtland AFB HARMS processing

- Must have a current/approved SECRET Security Clearance loaded into JPAS IAW AFI 31-501.

Special Requirements:

Students must arrive and are required to maintain physical fitness requirements throughout course to meet the rigorous and intense training operations. Training occurs in hot and cold environs associated high desert/altitude terrain, mountains/exposed terrain/rock climbing, and open
water surface/subsurface training scenarios. A mandatory physical fitness maintenance program will be administered daily and a physical fitness evaluation will be administered IAW AFI 10-3502, Vol 1, Attachment 3 prior to class graduation.