TITLE: Combat Rescue Officer (CRO) Development Course (CRODC)
PDS: H4O DATE ADDED: 12/2/2010
AFSC: 13D1 DATE UPDATED: 12/22/2014
SECURITY: Unclassified
LOCATION: Lackland AFB (Tech Trng)
LENGTH: 10 AETC Training Days
ORG/PGM: Air Education and Training Command / Technical Training
CLASS FREQ: 5 classes per FY

Course Description:

The scope of this training requires cadre to introduce, develop, and hone students mental and physical skills required to graduate their follow-on CRO Indoctrination Course. The two-week course requires cadre to provide student-athlete centered mentoring/coaching in running, calisthenics, swimming, water confidence, PJ/CRO history, roles and responsibilities/career field duties/mission, life saving, team building skills, sports nutrition, exercise physiology, and psychological enhancement training. Students must come prepared to learn the techniques presented which will help establish a solid foundation for successful graduation in the follow-on course.

Admin Instructions:

c. Each class will have a Combat Rescue Officer (CRO) student designated by DOR as the class Team Leader (TL) throughout the PJ Development and follow-on PJ Indoctrination Courses training. CRO students will have the weekend to develop/organize their team leadership assignments with the 100+ BMT PJ graduates, active duty enlisted prior service, retrainee, and ANG and AF reserve students scheduled to start with them.

Must have a class III flight physical qualification for aircrew, parachute, and marine diving duty according to AFI 48-123, Medical Examination and Standards, and Army Reg 40-501, Standards for Medical Fitness. Member must inform CRO Course POC if flying class III physical is still in PEPP system awaiting approval from AETC/SGPS.

Must possess a current Military ID card that is valid though the entire CRO Training Pipeline.

Must possess a current Government Travel Card that does not expire before completion of CRO Training Pipeline.

Must have a current/approved SECRET Security Clearance loaded into JPAS IAW AFI 31-501, Chapter 3.

IF possible obtain M4/M9 AFQC/TRQC qualification at home unit prior to arrival.


As part of the Combat Rescue Officer (CRO- 13D1) Phase I and Phase II application process for entry into the CRO AF Specialty and to obtain a quota(s) into the CRO Development Course and follow-on CRO pipeline training, all active duty and ANG/Reserve CRO students must have successfully completed the Physical Ability and Stamina Test (PAST).

The PAST criteria/standards must be administered as written. The PJ Physical Abilities and Stamina Test (PAST) will be administered during in-processing into the course. All
students must pass the PAST for continuation in the PJ Development Course.

After Thursday arrival prior to class start date, the PAST WILL BE "re-administered" on the Friday of the 342 TRS in-processing week.

Students must be US citizens, be able to obtain a Secret clearance, volunteer for hazardous duty (e.g., fixed and rotary wing flying operations, military combat diver (SCUBA), military parachuting, tactical/urban operations, tactical combat casualty care, mountain climbing etc.), and must pass flying Class III physical with eye restriction as prescribed for AF flying, parachute, and marine diving duty.

All physicals MUST be reviewed and stamped by HQ AETC/SGPS (US Army will only recognize the AETC/SG stamp).