TITLE: Combat Rescue Officer (CRO) Indoctrination Course
AFSC: 13D1 DATE UPDATED: 12/22/2014
CATEGORY: Technical
SECURITY: Unclassified
LOCATION: Lackland AFB (Tech Trng)
LENGTH: 45 AETC Training days
ORG/PGM: Air Education and Training Command / Technical Training
CLASS FREQ: 5 classes per FY

Course Description:
None provided, presumption is it is same as the PJ (enlisted) Indoc course description.


All candidates must successfully complete the appropriate Physical Ability and Stamina Test (PAST).

Refer to this announcement under Location Information, Pararescue Indoctrination Course, Physical Ability and Stamina Test for test criteria. Member must be a US citizen, be able to obtain a Top Secret clearance, be a volunteer for hazardous duty to consist of parachute duty (Airborne Parachutist and
Military Freefall), Combat Dive (SCUBA), and mission crewmember. Must meet class III flight physical
qualification for aircrew, parachute, and marine diving duty according to AFI 48-123, Medical Examination Standards, and Army Reg 40-501, Standards for Medical Fitness.

Must be a male officer or male enlisted/civilian candidate who meets officer training school entry requirements. Gender is based on current Department of Defense direct Combatant Policies. Candidate must be a good swimmer and must be comfortable in the water.

Special Notes:

ATTENTION ALL MPFs/Unit TMs: CRO Indoctrination graduation dates are now aligned with Air Force Combat Dive Course start dates meaning students will depart direct for Dive training from Lackland AFB TX. They will not return to home unit.