TITLE: Combat Control Operator
AFSC: 1C2X1 DATE UPDATED: 8/6/2014
CATEGORY: Technical
SECURITY: Unclassified
LENGTH: 70 Academic Days, approxiamately 15 weeks
ORG/PGM: Air Education and Training Command / Enlisted Operations Training

Course Description:

The instructional design for this course is Group-Paced. This course trains airmen to perform the duties prescribed in AFI 36-2101 and the Enlisted Classification Directory for Combat Control, AFSC 1C231. Training includes six blocks of instruction covering the following areas: air traffic control
fundamentals; air traffic control non-radar and radar principles; radar approach control operations; control tower principles; control tower operations; and physical fitness training.

Airmen will be required to successfully meet specific physical fitness standards that are conducted during approved extended training days.

Physical Conditioning

All Non-prior service (NPS) Airman and Split Training Option (STO) Airmen will participate in a structured physical training (PT) program a minimum of three times a week. All PT sessions will be conducted IAW AFI 36-2905. TDY students, who are not enrolled in the fitness improvement program (FIP), participate in the unit fitness program while assigned to that unit. Students with a current passing fitness assessment are not required to test unless their fitness assessment is due. If enrolled in the Fitness Improvement Program (FIP) refer to AFI 36-2905 for instructions on coordinating with the TDY commander two weeks prior to arrival. As per AFI 36-2905, personnel enrolled in the Fitness Improvement Program will continue the program while here TDY to Keesler AFB. Students MUST bring proof of current passing fitness assessment or their FIP plan and provide during inprocessing. (NOTE: Unit fitness programs in technical training will not infringe on the academic [classroom] training day. AFMAN 36-2203, Drill and Ceremonies, defines the official duty day as beginning with Reveille and ending with Retreat, allowing unit fitness programs to meet fitness requirements before or after the academic training day.) Students are required to bring PTU and shoes.