Physical Education in US-Schools in the 1960s! Compare this with today!

Historic clip from legendary 1960s Physical Education program designed by Mr. Stan LeProtti from LaSierra High School in Carmichael, CA. LeProtti was honored as one of the the Top Three Physical Fitness Experts in America in mid sixties. The LaSierra PE program was featured in the January 1962 issue of Look Magazine as well as Reader's Digest, The Tonight Show, and numerous other publications. The "LaSierra System" was adopted by about 4,000 schools across America and promoted as "THE" program to adopt nationally.

Explains that movement is the language of action and shows how skills for everyday activities can be more effective, efficient and expressive if correct movement patterns have been developed.

The Fads of physical culture still persist and as in the past some of the physical culture fads are often dangerous.

If you have a passion for movement and strength then embrace the roots of physical culture. Here's the story of the beginnings of the sport of weightlifting. Special thanks to the Todds at the Stark Center for Physical Culture, and to all the folks interviewed for this project. The strength community is a giving place!