AFI 48-123, Medical Examinations and Standards 5 November 2013:

(as of 31 October 2014) Color Vision Testing: Pseudoisochromatic Plate (PIP) testing to determine color vision perception which will be completed at accession or when cross training to a nonflying/SOD position; results are recorded in their record (T-2). (SOD positions include but are not limited to GBC, SERE, PJ and Combat Control.) If an applicant wants to apply for flying or special duty, then they must pass the Cone Contrast Test (CCT) at an AF MTF or equivalent. (T-1)Exception: See section 3.1.3 for applicants for Initial Flying Class I and IFCII/FS and Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) duties.

... AFMSA retains certification/waiver authority for all color vision and depth perception deficiencies for all flying/SOD classes unless otherwise delegated. Note: Enlisted flying criteria are guided by the AFSC Career Field Manager at AF/A3.

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The CCT has sensitivity and specificity comparable to anomaloscope testing and exceeds PIP sensitivity in practiced observers. The CCT provides a rapid (6 minutes), clinically expedient, measure of color vision for quantifying normal color performance, diagnosing type and severity of hereditary deficiency, and detection of acquired sensitivity loss due to ocular, neurologic, and/or systemic disease, as well as injury and physiological stressors, such as altitude and fatigue.

USAFSAM teams with Innova Systems, Inc. for new color vision test