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#1507 - 07/10/15 12:10 PM Original entry and retention classification fitness standard for PJ AFSC
Yukon Online

Registered: 11/16/14
Posts: 896
Loc: Anchorage AK
The military services (military departments) currently (calendar year 2015) do not provide total physical fitness programs or specific requirements all military occupations. Any such occupational-specific physical fitness requirements, if developed and implemented, are associated to those few career fields where it is deemed necessary to ensure adequate performance and safety.

A historical review of Department of Defense policy directives and instructions reveals concern or interest in extending physical fitness programs to incorporate occupational-specific physical fitness requirements didn't develop or originate until the mid-1980s.

A historical review of specific military department body weight and fitness programs reveals lack of inclusion of occupation-specific fitness requirements and testing until DOD policy directives and instructions were extended to incorporate occupational-specific physical fitness requirements during calendar year 2000.

Historical review of Federal statues (Acts of Law passed by US Congress) reveals a GENDER NEUTRALITY REQUIREMENT became a lawful requirement pertinent to military occupational-specific fitness standards effective November 1993. [Pub. L. 103160, div. A, title V, 543, Nov. 30, 1993, 107 Stat. 1660]

The January 2013 rescinding of the Direct Ground Combat rule for women, which previously restricted women from assignments in special operations and long range reconnaissance units has exposed the combined problem of occupation lacking occupational-specific fitness standards and occupational-specific fitness standards being developed and implemented by applying scientific justification and procedures.

Very few military occupations had developed and implemented occupation-specific fitness standards prior to calendar year 1993. Even fewer of those occupation-specific fitness standards developed and put in place prior to 1993 involved applying scientific justification and procedures to determine the sufficient or adequate level of fitness needed to do perform duties of the occupation.

The first scientifically validated occupation-specific fitness standard as an entry into and retention of classification requirement for an Air Force military occupation was approved and implemented in 1967. Other than one other career field adopting pararescue fitness standards in 1988 (origins of the CCT/PJ PAST), no other Air Force career field made any effort to develop and implement occupational-specific fitness standards until after 1993.

The attached documents give some insight to USAF pararescue's occupation-specific fitness standards in use from 1967 thru to 1988 and some of the history and concerns driving the development and implementation of the standards.

PAST from ARRSR 55-11 Dec 1977.pdf (81 downloads)
Description: This is the entry in PJ AFSC fitness test standards implemented in 1967. These standards remained in effect until 1980.

PAST from ARRSR 55-30 August 1982..pdf (62 downloads)
Description: This is the PJ PAST standard for entry and retention of AFSC implemented in 1980. It remained effective until about 1989 when CCT adopted the standards which resulted in body builders and flutters kicks being removed as tested requirements.

PJ Indoc Course Heritage.pdf (90 downloads)
Description: The operational heritage of the Pararescue Indoctrination Course with focus on shifts in student attrition, approaches to fitness training, and student demographics

#1515 - 07/12/15 07:55 PM Re: Original entry and retention classification fitness standard for PJ AFSC [Re: Yukon]
Flectolux Offline

Registered: 02/17/15
Posts: 27
Loc: Fairchild AFB
Interesting to see the change in standards over the years. I wonder why they opted for shorter tests with faster times.

The document on Indoc Heritage is a fascinating read. Thanks for posting.

#1525 - 07/14/15 12:11 PM Re: Original entry and retention classification fitness standard for PJ AFSC [Re: Yukon]
RIKR Offline

Registered: 04/28/15
Posts: 23
Loc: Colorado Springs, CO
This is what I love about Yukon; the historical perspective! Peeling back the layers of myth and mystery to uncover the truth always helps to chart a new course forward. There has been a massive amount of work done here and I hope everyone can appreciate it. We older guys can!

When it comes to making standards more occupationally relevant there is a tendency to try and throw everything including the kitchen sink into the mix. There is a also a tendency within the DOD to appoint those who will not rock the boat and maintain the status quo to "fix" standards. But when the blind is leading the deaf I worry about the outcomes because this approach has never produced results that favor performance or the service member.
US Special Operations Team Leader
MFF, Mountain Warfare, Combatives & SOF Medical Instructor
International Master level strength & conditioning coach

#2164 - 04/11/16 04:05 PM Re: Original entry and retention classification fitness standard for PJ AFSC [Re: Yukon]
Ecastile Offline

Registered: 02/16/16
Posts: 29
Loc: SF
So cool! thanks for posting this!


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