Naval Special Warfare Physical Training Guide, June 2015

DISCLAIMER: Preparation for this training can be equally strenuous. You should consult a physician before you begin any strenuous exercise program, such as the one described here, or any diet modification, especially if you have or suspect that you may have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other adverse medical conditions. If you feel faint or dizzy at any time while performing any portion of this training program, stop immediately and seek medical evaluation. The United States Government and any service member or civilian employed by the United States Government disclaims any liability, personal or professional, resulting from the misapplication of any training
procedure, technique, or guidance described in this guide.

The Naval Special Warfare Physical Training Guide (NSW PTG)exists to provide guidance regarding physical preparation for NSW-NSO programs such as BUD/S or BCT. The PTG provides a specific program for preparing for the Physical Screening Test (PST) along with more general fitness advice to promote endurance, strength, and resistance to injury once a candidate has received a contract. This Physical Training Guide Supplement provides additional guidance for developing a strength program. Key points:

Keep it simple

Use proper technique (get coaching from qualified sources if necessary)

Develop the whole body, especially the parts known to be vulnerable to injury