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#2145 - 04/03/16 11:09 PM Question to parents: PT for disciplinary actions?
justacone Offline

Registered: 01/11/15
Posts: 63
Loc: New Mexico
I am single with no kids, so I've always wondered:

When I do have kids, would making them do PT as punishment for their negative actions be a good punishment? It could be an alternative to a spanking, plus would help keep them fit. Seems like making my kid crank out for example, 200 or so pushups for disrespect or sneaking out.. whatever the case may be, would be a great thing. Then again I have no kids so who am I to say.

On the flip side, would anyone of you argue that it would teach them to hate physical training when they become older and neglect it?


#2147 - 04/04/16 06:19 AM Re: Question to parents: PT for disciplinary actions? [Re: justacone]
Yukon Offline

Registered: 11/16/14
Posts: 884
Loc: Anchorage AK
Applying punitive physical fitness by itself as corrective punishment is ineffective as sooner or later as the person (child or adult) becomes more fit the activity must become more physically aggressive and demanding to bring with it the effect of being corporal punishment.

Corporal punishment or physical punishment is punishment intended to cause physical pain on a person. Common methods include spanking, paddling, and caning.

The most desirable goal of punishment is to correct behavior and not abuse or torture an offender. However punitive punishment often connected to conviction is to get reparations from the criminal either in form of fines or serving time in confinement in lieu of being put to death or other corporal punishment administered by whip or cat of nines (eye for an eye retaliatory vengeance punishment).

#2150 - 04/05/16 03:30 AM Re: Question to parents: PT for disciplinary actions? [Re: justacone]
PepperUrAngus Offline

Registered: 01/10/15
Posts: 50
Loc: US
I have kids...When it's warranted I will spank them, just like I got spanked. This method however only lasts for so long, maybe 8 years old?

Don't know what I'll do after that...probably take things away, ground them....or maybe a hellish workout.

PT as of now is a fun thing we do. I will spot them on pull-ups before bed or sometimes make them bear crawl to the bath tub (they are fast, its freaky). Or they will do pushups when my wife is working out in the living room. They are also in sports so they get some PT benefits there too.

PT will never be the sole disciplinary action I take. They will get enough of that from sports through out middle school and high school.

#2157 - 04/08/16 05:22 AM Re: Question to parents: PT for disciplinary actions? [Re: justacone]
TE Offline


Registered: 11/16/14
Posts: 29
Loc: Varies
I have never spanked my 7 y/o daughter. I have nothing against spanking, however I do believe that parents can teach children right and wrong without the need to spank.

I work in Africa 6 months of the year and share photos with my teaches her to appreciate what she has, and helps her realize that not everyone has the blessings she and our family have. When she sees kids and families digging through garbage piles for food or anything they can salvage, she knows her plate and stuffed toys are a blessing. When she sees the cinder block homes (and the guys that make the cinderblocks from scratch), she realizes that our home and air-conditioning are a blessing. When I tell her that most folks here where I work have one, maybe two sets of clothes, and may or may not have shoes (and those are sandals), she realizes that even the clothes and shoes she wears are blessings.

She always prays for the starving kids in Africa and of course for Daddy's safe return.

I believe that when children realize how blessed and lucky they are, it helps in the areas of discipline and teaching...even in the US as we're all aware, many families suffer poverty. One can argue about the reasons, but that fact alone, explained to a child, will help with their outlook and discipline.

Sometimes I think we underestimate the ability of young children to comprehend some things we'd like to explain. I've been amazed at what my daughter can understand and I've been so proud of her for realizing how much she has and how much others suffer. She even donated a bunch of toys and clothes that I brought over this rotation to give to the locals...which is tough for a 7 y/o.

Kids are smarter than we think. They have a wonderful happy hopeful outlook where nothing is impossible...when they get out of hand, maybe it's better to remind them of their blessings and remind them of our expectations rather than punishing them. I believe, having seen my daughter make changes, that they can and will do better themselves without the need for more punishment.

I may just be a lucky parent though!
Pararescueman (Ret)/Webmaster/Administrator/RKC
The real test comes when all strength has fled, and men must produce victory on will alone...

#2160 - 04/08/16 09:45 PM Re: Question to parents: PT for disciplinary actions? [Re: justacone]
justacone Offline

Registered: 01/11/15
Posts: 63
Loc: New Mexico
Some pretty awesome points of view, cool to hear.

#2284 - 06/02/16 08:14 PM Re: Question to parents: PT for disciplinary actions? [Re: justacone]
Scooter Offline

Registered: 02/26/16
Posts: 4
Loc: Arizona
I agree with what Yukon says. The best thing to do is look for ways to help them understand why their behavior(s) are not acceptable. I never had any luck with spanking or other types of punishment like that. If I got physical with my sons, it switched their stubborn mode on to 10. I found better luck pulling them aside and talking to them. For me, when my dad would whoop my butt, that worked.


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