Hello all,

I have been in contact with the recruiting staff for the 129th Rescue Wing out of Moffett Federal Airfield in California and look forward to taking my initial PAST in July. The 129th Rescue Wing is an Air National Guard (ANG) unit.

I'm working to gather as much information as possible as I make this life changing decision. I have read extensively on what to expect thru Indoc and the remainder of the Pipeline, but I have found very little detailing what life as a PJ in the ANG is like. My understanding is that the obligations exceed the typical citizen Airman's 2 DAY/MONTH & 2 WEEK/YEAR obligation (understandably), but that is the extent of what I have found.

Granted successful completion of the program - what can a PJ in the ANG expect regarding training obligations, frequency/duration of deployments, maintenance of a civilian career, etc? There will obviously be variations between units, but any general experience would be much appreciated.

Thank you!