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#2946 - 05/19/17 07:51 PM Introduction
CirrusSight Offline

Registered: 05/19/17
Posts: 1
Loc: Connecticut
whistle whistle whistle

Well, if nothing else, I know you guys have the dankest smilies this side of 4chan. Don't worry, I'm not alt-right and looking to kill some Zelahmay min surriyah, mujahed la Jaeysh Allah, instead, I would like to use my abilities (speaking Arabic, Spanish, very little English), computer programming and data mining, a Masters Degree from a school known in every corner of the world, and my certified Stew Smith book on how to run (he claims you put one foot in front of the other, with more details in his next $40 book called "Another book on Spec Ops training, but now ill use.....JTACs! yeah, this is the JTAC book, erm, ya know, that thing you become after the CCT and SF and SEAL books I wrote..." (c) 2017.

I kid, of course, since I have read 2 of Stew's books and incorporated those ideas into my workout plans. Also, ***** yeah Stew, make that money while you can bro! I'm so anti-socialism that I literally hope he fucked over some other writer incidentally and rose to the top naturally, making Adam Smith look at Karl Marx in (hell?) and say "see, you dumb proletariat bozo. My guy just took some cash outta another guy's pocket. Your guys starve 5 million Ukranians to death and then shoot the man who told you how many people starved because the number triggered your boy, Joey S"

TRX, running, swimming, weights, rucking and Krav Maga are a passion of mine. My dad's friend got a promotion at work so he bought 2200 acres in SW Colorado and an AR-15, a thirty-ought0six, a DESERT EAGLE (from Dubai) and of course a few shotguns, a 1911 and a perfectly refurbished, semi-auto MP5 from 1988 or something. So, I sometimes go up there on a day when I know a low pressure system is dropping the barometric pressure into the 28ish range, so I can train, ruck, shoot and camp in windy and wet conditions. But the mountains actually tend to shield you from extreme pressure drops (unless you are above 11,000 feet, in which case I think less oxygen and more blood in your lungs and not your brain should be your worry), so I also go during winter.

Yeah, SOWT or CCT is my goal. My mom is actually a doctor, which is why I would never consider PArarescue. I can't imagine introducing saline into the bone marrow of an already dehydrated and anemic wounded person, or shoving needles into bladders/lungs to remove fluids and not at least getting to rain some fiery Joint Direct Munition hell on them like ComCons

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#2948 - 05/22/17 12:15 PM Re: Introduction [Re: CirrusSight]
Vaughn0311 Offline

Registered: 04/29/17
Posts: 3
Loc: Barksdale AFB
This reads like something from r/iamverysmart. Besides that, seems like you have a good sense of humor, good workout plan. Welcome.


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