I'm 28 year old college grad in VA interested in pararescue. I'm an EMT and I've competed in shooting and jiu-jitsu competitions this past year. I realized my interest in healthcare a couple years ago while working as a group leader at a wilderness school for troubled teenage boys. Since then I've been taking pre-reqs towards applying to PA school while working at a dental school as well as a lock-down facility as a youth counselor.

Despite my desire to serve people through healthcare, I've actually been dreading the thought of constant academics right now and want to be challenged on a deeper level. Lately I've pushed a lot of things to the side to just focus on my running and swimming. My most recent 500m freestyle was in 9:15, my one mile is usually 6:30 or less, and I know I can continue to get those numbers down. Once I'm comfortable consistently getting qualifying PAST scores I'll be contacting my recruiter again to hopefully begin the process.

I know my age may be an issue and I've read the thread addressing that. I'm open and receptive to any perspective/advice that anyone has to offer. Thank you and I'm glad there exists such a wealth of information on this forum.