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#3025 - 08/09/17 03:00 PM AF Advice  
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Joined: Feb 2015
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Hello all! I've been reading, learning, and comprehending information from this forum, as well as other military related forums, for quite sometime now. The first hand experience I've read about from others is the best information I believe you can come across, which is why I'm here. I'm looking for some guidance from others who know more than me about my situation.

My career goal right now is to become a Combat Controller in the USAF. I've come a long way, but I still have an even longer way to get there. I've just recently took the ASVAB, which I scored an 89 on my AFQT. I'm in the process of being sent to MEPS. I've had no medical problems throughout my life, but no one really knows how MEPS will go until one gets there.

I'm currently 25 years old, I was close to having a bachelors degree a few years ago, but decided I wanted to major in something else so now I'm closing in on another degree. A degree doesn't matter as much right now as I'll still be going the enlisted route.

The biggest problem I have right now is that I'm not physically ready for the CCT pipeline. I played multiple sports throughout high school and even played for awhile in college, but I let myself get out of shape and it's been a long process to get where I'm back to at this moment. I started this journey between 260-270 pounds, but I'm right below 220 now. My push up and sit up numbers are both around 65, my pull ups below 10, but my biggest issue right now is my running and swimming numbers. I'm an excellent swimmer, but I've not put enough time in the pool yet to be ready for the pipeline. My biggest weakness would definitely be running. I didn't want to put extra stress on my legs while I was still heavy, and my mileage per week is nowhere near what it should be.

Even though I'm not physically ready for the pipeline, I'm still trying to join the Air Force in another AFSC before the year is over with. The retirement is changing at the end of this year, which is a big factor for me, as well as just wanting to serve my country while I'm still healthy. I'm looking at the big picture and know this is a career decision for me. I'd like to be in before 2018 rolls around. Hopefully after 24 or 36 months, depending on how many years I enlist, I'll be in good enough physical shape to start the process and retrain into CCT.

What I can't seem to figure out right now are some AFSC's to enlist in that would improve my chances down the road getting into CCT. I hope to be able to do something that still gives me the amount of time needed to get physically ready, even though I know that I will be doing whatever the Air Force needs me to do. I've thought about Air Traffic Controller, which would already put me a step ahead when it comes to going through that school in the CCT pipeline. I've read negative reviews about the hours they have to work though. I've also thought about Loadmaster, as most of them seem to enjoy their job. SERE has been an idea, but I'm not sure if that will be as easy to train out of. I think it is already considered undermanned. Other than those, even with all the research I've done, I'm still unsure of what would be the best path for me.

I know in the long run that I will have to figure it out myself, and it will be up to me to accomplish my goals, but I find it helpful to get ideas and informations from others. Any information, ideas, or tips I can receive around here will be greatly appreciated!

#3026 - 08/09/17 05:28 PM Re: AF Advice [Re: flying1]  
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The BA AFSCs lack feeder AFSCs. Cross training into these AFSCs is not the same as say a member of the Security Forces career field trying to become a military working dog handler or combat arms which requires two years experience performing security forces duties.

Air traffic control, SERE, or loadmaster you can read negative about the duty hours and opportunity to retain out of for these AFSCs as can be read about any and every AFSC in the Air Force's force structure.

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