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However, my vision is 9.0 in one eye and 8.0 in the other. Because of this, I was told at MEPS that I officially don't qualify for enlistment altogether without a waiver.
What is your current uncorrected vision in both eyes?

I ask because:

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My vision as of now is already correctable to 20/20, although I'm not certain if that is in each eye, or in both together.

Eye vision standards for enlistment:

PULHES E(eye) serial factor 1: Uncorrected visual acuity 20/200 correctable to 20/20, in each eye.

PULHES E(eye) serial factor 2: Distant visual acuity correctable to not worse than 20/40 and 20/70, or 20/30 and 20/100, or
20/20 and 20/400.

PULHES E(eye) serial factor 3: Uncorrected distant visual acuity
of any degree that is correctable not less than 20/40 in the better

PULHES E(eye) serial factor 4: Visual acuity below E3.

The disclosure of not qualifying for enlistment at best indicates your vision is serial factor 3. However, only PULHES E(eye)serial factor 4 is connected not medically qualified to enlist. To put into perspective the PULHES for Army and Marine infantry MOS is PULHES: 111221. The minimum acceptable vision not requiring a waiver to be entry classified into infantry is PULHES E(eye) serial factor 2.

Further the Air Force has 123 AFSCs where PULHES E(eye) serial factor 3 is the worse vision allowable without need for a waiver.

The point being made is you need to know what your vision in both eyes is and not be guessing when seeking information on military occupations requiring 20/20 vision in both eyes or vision corrected through use of glasses or contacts to 20/20 vision in both eyes, particularly when you are putting your future career path hopes on getting useful and helpful info.