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Posted May 13, 2014

Observation about the PAST Evaluation, Growing Trend

This message was posted previously on FB, but feel it is important enough to post again.

There is a growing trend of candidates failing the PAST evaluation during the BMT test and than again on Day 1 of training. You need to show up to training ready to meet and exceed the standards for the PAST. Yes, the SERE Specialist Pipeline will make you stronger and leaner but we need to see a solid foundation from which to start. Otherwise, you will always be playing catch-up, continue to fall behind the rest of your team, and psyche yourself out. This in more cases than not, leads to a candidate submitting paperwork to Self Eliminate.

We want you to succeed and move on to Fairchild but we need your help by investing the time now to pay big dividends later. This will bring many rewards like good health, self-confidence, and you walking across the stage to receive your SERE Specialist Beret and Arch.

The PAST requirements are designed to test for a minimum fitness level for entry into the SERE Specialist Pipeline. Keep in mind that this is an “Open Book” test that you should ace because you have all the answers provided prior to entering the Air Force. Within the test you should focus on your form from the very beginning. Yes, many can knockout a large number of repetitions, but are they completing the exercise IAW written guidance and discussed on link below to the ”USAF SERE PAST Test Video” on YouTube.

A "FAQ" from candidates is which evaluation counts BMT or DOT1. The answer: all evaluations count, and each day in training counts towards you getting the thumbs up to move on to Fairchild. Remember, the job interview starts from the moment you show up, so step up your game, and show the cadre that you want to be a SERE Specialist through your ACTIONS. You must have the mentality going through the Pipeline that there is no other option but to graduate. It is true that SERE is not for everyone, and we wish you the best of luck if you move on. But for those that want to be here you must give us 110% plus. Try not to waiver when the road gets tough and the obstacles look to difficult to overcome. The cadre will point you in the right direction and encourage you through each mile, but ultimately you have control of the steering wheel, gas pedal, and brakes.

Best of luck to everyone and hope to see you in the near future at Lackland.

Battlefield Airmen PAST Test Video: