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1. BEFORE asking any questions, do a forum search by simply clicking "search" or (better yet) "advanced search" on the main page or most forum pages. Type in key words, phrases, etc. regarding your search, select the forum(s) you wish to search, Change the default time-frame from 1 week to up to 6 years, then search...chances are, your question has already been asked and answered.

2. READ THE ENTIRE SITE before posting. I know there is a lot of information here, but to save my server space (not that critical now, since I upgraded to 500MB), don't take the easy way out, do some saves me a lot of trouble and typing...and I won't get nearly as mad (even though I have more space, DO THE RESEARCH!).

3. Be professional. This goes for all forums, including the buffoonery forum (although I will let a lot more go there).

4. Take personal conversations to email, or the new "Private Messaging", this is a new feature, you are limited to 60 messages...If it doesn't pertain to the majority of users, then email/PM the individual instead of (again) wasting space.

5. When posting a new topic, keep the subject line short, and intelligent. Don't post some BS that no one can understand, state your question/objective intelligently.

6. Check your post before submitting it (preview post)...glaring spelling errors, bad grammar, improper capitalization, etc., reflect poorly on the individual and are unprofessional. Have some pride in ownership and use proper grammar as a professional courtesy to all who interact on the forums.

7. If I warn you about something (publicly or via email) then listen...usually I know what I'm talking about.

8. If I delete something, move something, reword something, or anything else, I do it for a good reason...unless you have legitimate concerns, don't ask why.

9. If you have done a forum search, read most of the site, but still can't find an answer, then post your question...I prefer this instead of someone emailing me, because everyone benefits from your question, and the answer that is provided.

10. I will put immediate action news on the first page of the forums...UBB 6 allows this...

11. You have the option to use "signatures" for all your posts...this saves you from having to type your name, saying, etc. at the bottom. If you use signatures, please limit them to a couple lines...long quotes and other buffoonery waste space. If you have one of these huge signatures now, I would appreciate it if you go in and change it.

12. Read the forum FAQ...lots of good info.

13. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome...if I like it, and can do it, I will.

14. This list is not all inclusive...I'll add additional guidelines as required.

15. Do not call anyone in a pipeline course unless you're a spouse or relative and it's authorized.

16. Do not use profanity in signature lines.

17. Do not use the email addresses available on these forums for unsolicited email. Although I cannot really prevent it, it is basic common courtesy and respect. If you recieve such an email and believe the author is using the emails available here, please let me know and I'll deal with it.

18. If you are a student at PJ Indoc, or CCT Orientation, or somewhere in the pipeline, please DO NOT post rumors, or what you THINK are official changes to the course. This simply causes confusion and uneeded questions. Official changes will be posted, and the site updated, when I get word they are official.

19. New Users are requested to post a short bio in the new users forum. Please DO NOT REPLY to these bio inputs, that is not the purpose. A quick "welcome" is acceptable, but do not go into questions/buffoonery please.

20. If you are an prior or current Operator, let me know (if I don't know you) and I'll add you to the Operator's Only forum. This forum is only visible if you've been added.

21. Do not type in ALL CAPS...this signifies yelling...if you need to yell, do so sparingly...a post that is one long "yell" will be deleted.

22. Once you register, the faster that you confirm your email, the faster I will confirm your registration. Don't email me about registration UNLESS you do not receive a confirmation email.

23. Do not post requests or offer to pay for copies of any copyrighted material specifically DVDs, Videos, and anything else via file sharing, torrents, etc. This is ILLEGAL and will not be tolerated.

24. Ordering through the links on this site helps support the site so if you can do it, please do. A donation is also always welcome.


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