link to USMC Physical Readiness Guide website.

There are many components which work to optimize a Marine's physical readiness. Included among these are; physical fitness, diet and nutrition, injury prevention, and fatigue management. The recommended balanced approach requires consideration of all four aspects of physical readiness for optimum performance gains and combat conditioning.

The High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) Program advocated in this website is a comprehensive combat-specific strength and conditioning program that is essential to Marineís physical development, combat readiness, and resiliency. While not directive in nature, HITT supports Commanders in their duties to optimize the combat readiness of their Marines. It complements other physical training Commanders/individual Marines utilize to obtain and maintain physical fitness. This scalable program is designed on three levels of escalating conditioning difficulty. The program can be used by individual Marines or as a unit training tool to plan and execute unitís fitness training program for pre-deployment, deployment, and post deployment. A collection of short work-out videos is also provided as a companion source for demonstration purposes.