The AFECD establishes the occupational structure of the Air Force enlisted force.

The AFOCD establishes specialty descriptions and other identifiers outline essential Air Force managerial, technical, and professional duties.

Both of these documents prescribe provide the duties (job) description and general aspects of duties performed specifications. These documents also prescribe the preliminary screening prerequisites for entry classification (initial job placement) and the preliminary criteria used to determine retention in and removal from the awarded classification.

Preliminary is used to emphasize many actual final classification action decisions are connected to guidance found in many other policy guidance directives and instructions.

However much useful job choice decision information as to what a potential applicant can expect to do and more importantly what the potential applicant should be prepared to do in performing duties of a specialty is found in the attached documents.

Attached Files
AFOCD Special Tactics- 2017 Apr 30 Final.pdf (27 downloads)
AFOCD Special Tactics 30 Apr 2017
AFOCD CRO- 2017 Apr 30 Final.pdf (20 downloads)
AFOCD Combat Rescue Officer-30 Apr 2017
AFOCD 13L ALO- 2017 Apr 30 Final.pdf (11 downloads)
AFOCD 13L ALO - 30 Apr 2017
AFECD combat control-Apr 17 Final.pdf (16 downloads)
AFECD Combat Control 30 April 2017
AFECD TACP-Apr 17 Final.pdf (9 downloads)
AFECD TACP 30 April 2017
AFECD SERE-Apr 17 Final.pdf (6 downloads)
AFECD SERE 30 April 2017
AFECD Pararescue-Apr 17 Final.pdf (23 downloads)
AFECD Pararescue 30 April 2017
AFECD SOW-Apr 17 Final.pdf (44 downloads)
AFECD Special Operations Weather 30 April 2017
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