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#1177 - 05/07/15 12:32 PM Re: Special Operations Recruiter Liaison Workout [Re: TE]
Jay_Pew Offline

Registered: 02/22/15
Posts: 37
Loc: USA
How exactly does the run time generator math calculations work? Don't really understand it, hoping for some clarification.

#1178 - 05/07/15 02:20 PM Re: Special Operations Recruiter Liaison Workout [Re: Jay_Pew]
Yukon Online

Registered: 11/16/14
Posts: 891
Loc: Anchorage AK
It appears the worksheet doing the calculation was originally a spreadsheet of some sort. As I do not know how the spreadsheet was designed to do the calculations I'm completely in the dark.

#1347 - 06/05/15 04:53 PM Re: Special Operations Recruiter Liaison Workout [Re: Jay_Pew]
TVanE Offline

Registered: 12/02/14
Posts: 14
Loc: WI
Alright, bear with me as I try to explain this thing.

Look at page 14, where the spreadsheet starts. In the top column, it reads "2400m," next to it it reads "9:45." This is an example of an individual who ran the 1.5 mile (2400 meters) in 9:45. All other numbers in this spreadsheet are based off of that time!

For instance, right next to "9:45" it reads "1600m," "6:30," and "6:02= 9:00x 0.62" (That last part should all be one column, it's a formatting issue). Pretty much, the document is saying that if you run 1.5 miles in 9:45, you should run one mile in 6:30, based on that "0.62" equation.

Now, onto the actual workouts, we'll move left to right across the columns. Let's start with number 1. You will run 2 sets of 4 400m sprints. The total distance is 3200 meters (just below the sets x reps x distance). You will run this at a factor of .975 of your mile time (6:30), adjusted to a 400m distance, which is equal to 1:35 for every 400 meters. If you want me to type out the calculation, I will in a different post.

Your work to rest ration will be 1-to-0.5, which means 47 seconds (half of 1:35) of rest between each interval. Between each set, you will rest for 3:00 (not sure how they calculated that).

Last column tells you that it should take you 47 seconds to run 200m during this workout.

Did that clarify things for you? Ask any questions you have, I'll help best I can.

#1556 - 07/22/15 10:29 AM Re: Special Operations Recruiter Liaison Workout [Re: TVanE]
Jsmith7861 Offline

Registered: 06/27/15
Posts: 5
Loc: VA
Originally Posted By: TVanE
I've been trying to focus on improving my running, this plan's running section looks like it would be helpful to me, however I don't understand how to run the "Knockouts" interval workout (the 7th interval workout listed) Would somebody please explain? I think the wording is throwing me off.

I'll write a post if I figure it out by myself, but at the moment this isn't making sense to me. Thanks.

Not sure if you are still looking for an answer to this, but after reviewing it it looks to me as if:

You are running 1 set of 10 "reps" of 400M at your 400M time plus 1 second. Your effort will be at the pace of your 1600 race pace, with a rest of approx. 1:1 (it says ~1.1, which would mean theres a little wiggle room in my opinion). Next to that it says rep rest is 90 sec, which should indeed fall into a ~1.1 rest interval (unless you are faster than around a 6 min mile, in which case rest should be shorter). Repeat the same 10 times.

If my mile time is 6 minutes flat, my 400M should be around 1:30. I will run a 400M at 1:31 pace, with around a 90 second rest period (less if I can). I will repeat this 9 more times, for a total of around 4000M.

If anyone has any questions about this spreadsheet, id be happy to explain (I took some time to look over it, and I recommend opening it and putting your own times into it to get a realistic look at your performance).

#1786 - 08/30/15 01:42 AM Re: Special Operations Recruiter Liaison Workout [Re: TE]
AStelmack Offline

Registered: 08/14/15
Posts: 19
Loc: Grand Forks AFB, ND
Originally Posted By: TE
You don't need the perfect program. I administered a PAST to two guys at Langley and one worked in an engine shop and one worked out to prepare for the PAST...guess who passed? The engine shop guy...he said he "gets a great workout lugging engines around all day"...that worked for him. I'm sure he may have swam and ran, etc...but he didn't OBSESS about the perfect program...and he had no problem doing great on the the PAST

This time a billion. I never hopped on any program, just ran/rucked/cal/weights/swam enough to wear myself out and pushed myself to the limit. After 3 months I went from like a 11:00 mile.5 (it's cold in ND) to 8:51 best time, and upped my pushups somewhere around 15 in a minute (~55 up to 70-ish). No programs, would just swim during lunch, and then cal or run in the afternoon depending on what I felt like. If it was a pretty day, I'd go for a long run. If it was windy as heck, I'd cal.

Also, loading toner into printers and carrying around a stapler all day is hard work.

#1789 - 08/30/15 11:07 AM Re: Special Operations Recruiter Liaison Workout [Re: AStelmack]
Yukon Online

Registered: 11/16/14
Posts: 891
Loc: Anchorage AK
Originally Posted By: AStelmack

Also, loading toner into printers and carrying around a stapler all day is hard work.
You forgot to mention the work environment being controlled for comfort inside a building.

Running outside in inclement weather, particularly blusterous (windy) weather should be considered as battlefield Airmen duties are performed outside in all sorts of climatic and weather conditions. I also know going through the pipeline I was training outside in some miserable weather conditions.

#3006 - 07/27/17 10:07 AM Re: Special Operations Recruiter Liaison Workout [Re: TE]
striza Offline

Registered: 07/27/17
Posts: 2
Loc: CT
TE thank you for that pdf i now have something to follow and start from scratch.

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