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#896 - 03/11/15 04:12 PM Questions Pertaining to CRO and Military Nursing
dmdordan Offline

Registered: 03/09/15
Posts: 3
Loc: Washington
First off, I know at least the second question is fairly specific to my situation. If it comes off as wasting server space because it's so specific to me I apologize. I've done quite a bit of research and haven't been able to find the answer anywhere, so I figured I'll ask and see if anyone knows.

A little background about where I'm at right now. I'm a senior nursing student, and I will be graduating this August. I'm starting to really research into what I want to do after graduation, so here I am. The top two choices for me right now are CRO and military nurse.

So my first question is, what does getting a job actually look like after OTS? I've read specifically for CRO that you submit an application packet during or after OTS. Is it the same with all other MOS's? Or is it more like enlistment where you list your top picks and get what's available?

My second and most burning question is, if after OTS my application for CRO doesn't work out, can I fall back on AF nursing? The basic training and the whole process in general for medical personnel and officers is so separate that I'm not sure. I haven't been able to find an answer to this at all.

Finally, is right now too early to be talking to an officer recruiter and/or medical officer?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks to anyone who responds.

#897 - 03/11/15 05:58 PM Re: Questions Pertaining to CRO and Military Nursing [Re: dmdordan]
Yukon Offline

Registered: 11/16/14
Posts: 884
Loc: Anchorage AK
Please make an effort as put forth as the ROEs suggest to read and search forums for information already provided. Much effort has been made to make information available and laziness insults that effort.

CROs, STOs, & 13L ALOs Application Information provides a lot of info pertinent to all your questions.

The nursing commission is a medical profession commission and not a non-rated line officer commission.

Cosequently seeking the nursing commission and getting it puts the individual in situation of not only being released from the nursing specialty for entry classification to become a CRO, but the professional (nursing) commission needs to be resigned and converted to a non-rated line officer commission.

If you become a CRO you will no longer be a Nurse. This means no nursing duties, no nursing continuing education and nursing experience necessary to sustain nursing credentials.

The risk of an individual with a health/nursing/medical profession commission is switching to line officer commission means if not selected during the two-phase application process or if fail to complete training is you will be stuck in some job like Intel, personnel, Security Forces or CE. Essentially the nursing degree becomes useless as no longer being a nurse mean not keeping license/credential current and up to date as a nurse.

#898 - 03/11/15 06:43 PM Re: Questions Pertaining to CRO and Military Nursing [Re: Yukon]
dmdordan Offline

Registered: 03/09/15
Posts: 3
Loc: Washington
Thanks so much for your response, that's exactly the answer I was looking for. I was hoping I could avoid being stuck in a job I was not interested in like you said, but it sounds like I would be taking a big risk if I went that route.

I'm sorry if I seemed lazy. In addition to research outside this site, I did read everything pertaining to CRO application including the full ROE page as well as the one that you linked before I posted. Maybe I missed the answer to the first question or did not word my searches well. My second question was so specific I was not sure what to search for and was unable to find much. Regardless, you are right, I probably could have found an answer to the third on my own but included it just because I was already asking. I apologize, it won't happen again.

Thanks again for your response.


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